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Ffestiniog & Highland Railway

Heritage Interpretation

Interpretation trainees will learn the skills necessary to interpret and communicate the interest, significance and history of a heritage attraction such as the FFWHR to visitors, particularly in face-to-face interactions, and how to use and digitise archival material.

This is a brand new training programme the Ff&WHR has developed. We are seeking to gain NVQ/City and Guilds accreditation for the training, with the help and advice of a number of recognised professionals in this field. Normally a degree or masters level qualification, we recognised the need for a level 2 or 3 qualification to be developed to give trainees an insight into this fascinating field. Taking part in this innovative training will offer an amazing opportunity for the right individuals to work on a unique and potentially ground breaking training scheme.

The training is based upon a six-step process for creating interpretation (sharing our story with our audience/visitors in ground breaking and innovative ways):

Step 1 - Defining Significance:
Why Is Your Resource Important?
Why should people visit your resource?
What makes it significant?

Step 2 - Developing Your Stories:
What’s Your Message?
What stories will help you explain the significance of your resource?

Step 3 - Considering Your Audience:
Who Are Your Visitors?
Who’s the audience for your interpretation?
Will your visitors understand and appreciate what you’re telling them?

Step 4 -Determining Your Approach:
What’s Your Storytelling Strategy?
What are the best ways to tell your stories?
How would you like visitors to experience them?

Step 5 - Choosing Your Media:
What Tools Will You Use to communicate your message?

Step 6 – Evaluating your Strategy
Is your interpretation effective? What impact has it had upon your audience?

In addition Interpretation trainees will be expected to attend external training accredited by Agored Cymru to receive a level 2 unit in ‘Digitising materials for museums, libraries and archives’.

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