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Who is this training for?

We are looking for:

  • Trainees that shows a passion and enthusiasm for the traineeship
  • Trainees that shows a commitment to pursue a career path in the heritage sector
  • Trainees that can demonstrate that they will benefit from this experience by:
    Being able to describe the benefit that this opportunity will bring to them as a person and the impact it will have on them for the future.
    Defining how ‘Heritage Skills for the Future’ training’ will help them to achieve this.
    Explaining how this opportunity will help them reach their potential
  • Trainees that have the ability to demonstrate and the capacity to learn the skills to carry out the tasks their training requires
  • Trainees who can take the initiative for coordinating their own records and collecting evidence to demonstrate their learning journey

Although a certain level of numeracy and literacy is required in order to complete coursework and assessments, our emphasis will be on enthusiasm, skills and aptitude rather than academic achievement or previous experience.

We would like to encourage applications from those of a practical nature and will be offering a number of application methods including video and picture applications as well as traditional written applications.

How to apply:

Fill in your details on the next page and read the Privacy Notice for Applicants; then select one of the application methods below:

Written application: Answer the four questions as fully as you can in approx. 250 words per question. Complete the declaration, equality form and skills testing; and submit your application.

Pictures application: Answer the four questions by uploading a photograph or picture for each question and adding a short caption (approx. 50 words). Choose a photograph or picture which answers the question as fully as possible. Complete the declaration, equality form and skills testing; and submit your application.

Video application: Make a short (approx. 5 minutes) video of yourself explaining your application. Try to answer the four questions below in your video, you can film in locations which help to illustrate your answers. Upload your video to YouTube, making sure you select the privacy option, then paste the link onto the video application page. Complete the declaration, equality form and skills testing; and submit your application.

If you would prefer to complete your application offline please email to request a paper application form or to enquire about other application methods.

The four questions we would like you to answer are:

  1. Tell us about journey you have been on in your life that has brought you to where you are now. This could include previous employment, education and training, and your hobbies and interests.
  2. Tell us about one of the following:

    • a. An object you have made
      b. A project you have been involved in
      c. A skill or talent you have learnt, practiced and developed

      Think about why you wanted to do it, what you learnt, what the challenges were, and how you overcame them.
  3. Which skills area would you like to apply for:
    Tell us about

    • a. Why have you chosen this skills area?
      b. What do you want to achieve by completing this programme?
      c. Why it is that this programme will help you to achieve this rather than any other opportunity?
  4. Imagine you have spent a year as a Heritage Skills trainee and completed the programme.

    • a. Tell us how you might like to continue your career path in your chosen skills area.
      b. How will the skills learnt on this programme help you to do this?
      c. Why is this career path important to you?

If you would like to apply for more than one skills area please indicate this in your answer to question three.

You can apply now for either year one (starting September 2018) or year two (starting September 2019), however please note that applicants for year two will not be shortlisted until June 2019.

What happens next?

Once we receive your application we will send you an acknowledgement by email.

We will then look at your application in detail. We will consider whether your answers fully answer the questions set and meet the criteria for trainees set out on the ‘Who is this training for?’ page.

We will then make a shortlist of applicants and will let you know whether you have been shortlisted.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to a workshop day at the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways in early July. Accommodation will be provided if required. During the workshop day you will have the opportunity to see the areas successful trainees will be working in, meet the Training Managers and Trainers and experience a few of the types of tasks you would undertake as trainees. You will have an opportunity during the day to meet one-on-one with your Training Manager to explain why you think you would be suited to this programme and to ask any questions about the programme you may have.

During the workshop day we will be looking to see whether you would be suitable for the programme and to continue to assess you against the criteria for trainees.
After the workshop day you will be contacted to let you know if you have been selected for the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways Heritage Skills Training Programme.

If you are successful:

The Heritage Skills Training Programme will start in early September.

All trainees will be inducted together; this will take place over the first 3 days of the training programme.

There will then be an initial induction period to settle trainees into their new roles, to talk through the Trainees’ Handbook and also to offer an opportunity to commit to their training both internally and externally and to agree their ‘Individual Heritage Projects’.

At the end of the training programme, in July and August the following year, there will be an Open Day where trainees can demonstrate to friends and family their learner portfolio, completed over the year. Qualifications will be awarded and all trainees will receive a certificate of participation.

Good Luck

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